A unique heritage hotel- Sterling Swamimalai. A unique heritage hotel- Sterling Swamimalai.

Sterling Swamimalai was our first choice when we decided to make a trip to Tanjore last December and we cherish our stay and memories till ...

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12:59 AM

Thanks Happy Living Blog! Thanks Happy Living Blog!

the happy living blog became an instant favourite, ever since I stumbled upon it while blog- hopping few weeks back. Erinn describes - '...

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7:27 PM

Illuminate your interiors. Illuminate your interiors.

To add the sparkle to your interiors, just light few candles, diyas (earthern lamps), kerosene or hurricane lamps. I love lighting diyas or ...

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1:33 AM

Mallika Sarabhai's Country Retreat. Mallika Sarabhai's Country Retreat.

When I saw this on the cover of Inside Outside Magazine few years back I just wanted to be there on the swing... This country retreat is de...

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2:01 AM

Doorway to Heaven. Doorway to Heaven.

Rural India is a great inspiration for door art & vibrant colour combinations! Here are some inspirations. This an old chettinad door r...

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9:39 PM

The Chettiar Mansions of Karaikudi. The Chettiar Mansions of Karaikudi.

Karaikudi is a city in Tamilnadu which is known as the homeland of Nattukotai Chettiars. Chettiars are a prosperous banking & business c...

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5:31 AM

Tranquilitea - A Tea Lounge. Tranquilitea - A Tea Lounge.

On our recent trip to Coonoor, the lovely hillstation at Tamilnadu. We spotted this lovely old british style bungalow with beautifully mani...

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7:15 PM