Winter Winter
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11:45 AM

Embellished dwellings in Kutch... Embellished dwellings in Kutch...

Kutch is a mystical land. Intriguing. Exuberant. Enthralling. ...and all I believe is to do with the people who have migrated from Afghanis...

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7:39 PM

Shaam-E-Sarhad, Hodka Village, Kutch. Shaam-E-Sarhad, Hodka Village, Kutch.

Little did I realize that while I had posted about this resort from a magazine, way back in 2007 and the subsequent posts about NGOs workin...

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9:27 PM

Store Tour Store Tour

This b eautiful shop, Alvhem Estate & Interiors, is filled with unusual decor, carefully selected furniture and home furnishing...

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10:28 AM

The Place ... The Place ...

That is the place where creative things can happen.... Source: RUM

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10:13 AM

Dining Area Dining Area

Various Sources

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9:52 AM

Hello Weekend... Hello Weekend...
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5:51 AM

Beautiful Linens Beautiful Linens

Source: Unkown

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5:45 AM