Ayelet Iontef
Ayelet Iontef, a very talented textile designer of all *over*print shares her beautiful work and a few creative corners from her home in Israel.Innovative hang tag greeting cards made by Ayelet using old magazine cuttings and fabrics.
Lovely designs from her sketch books.
These patterns designed by Ayelet were printed on tea cups by golf & co. Aren't they simply beautiful! A huge book shelf in Ayelet's home. She says, "Her side of the shelf has books on textile design & interiors and her husband's side has cookbooks & books on typography".
This interesting lamp is a mix from habitat and decorative felt that she received as a gift from Brussels.
Ayelet shares her creative work space here, she has many boxes filled with colourful yarns, fabrics, buttons and craft materials.
This inspiration board is one-of-a-kind, Ayelet and her typographer husband Yanek, have been adding inspiration for the pass 15 years and the rule is , you can only add but you can't remove anything from it!What a creative storehouse of inspirations and memories!

Thanks for sharing these absolutely lovely corners from your home, Ayelet.

She blogs at all*over*print

P.S~ If you have any question for Ayelet about her home, please ask in the comments section so she can reply to you.