I am a big lover of Indian art & crafts and when I came across Matsya, I was completely amazed by the lovely products created by artisans from various parts of India.
Jat Embroidery pouches.

Matsya~ Is a venture started by Neha Gandhi, an artist, potter & a craft lover. Neha studied at Sir. J.J School of Art, Mumbai and then went on to learn studio pottery in Golden Bridge Pottery, Pondicherry. Her love for the rich art & crafts of India took her to Maharashtra & Gujarat where she used her creativity to work closely with various artisans.
Matsya is a platform through which Neha wants to create awareness about artisans' life, their culture and age old traditions by featuring the artisans stories about their skills, time and creativity they invest into the craft. Also how our purchasing choices directly impact the livelihoods of thousands artisans and the survival of generations old traditions.
Stunning hand embroidery.
Neha says,"Our goal is to showcase the natural beauty and workmanship in Indian arts and craft by presenting them in contemporary style and form. By doing so, we offer original art that all of us can relate to. They serve as a reminder of our roots, to everything that we have been and therefore are even now."
Hand painted local terracotta pottery.
Here is a collection of some of the many art & crafts at Matsya
Beautiful wooden lacquer craft ladles.
Intricate embroidery by artisans from Kutch.
Leather pouches.
Patchwork Quilts
Block print bags
Jain Keri design on contemporary cushions.
Ceramic Urli.
Hand painted Coffee Mugs
Handcrafted Coffee Mugs & Madhubani coasters.
Jain Art on a pen stand.

In addition to displaying innovative uses and designs of traditional crafts at Matsya, They retail & take corporate orders of an assorted variety of stunning products.

You can get in touch with them at matsya.crafts@gmail.com or become a fan of Matsya Crafts on Facebook to get updates on their various products & events.

(images by Neha Gandhi)