This is a great example of a gorgeously homely Modern Country Christmas. Let's step inside and see why it works so well....

 Heavenly touches draw your eye everywhere it has the pleasure of landing. It's neutral but that doesn't make it dull in the very least. Why is that? 

I very firmly believe that sprinkles of red add a warmth and vibrancy that is hard to create in any other way. 

It conjures up images of warm cheeks, ruby red lips and shiny apples at the bottom of stockings....exciting, passionate, fun....everything a home should be.

Just try and imagine this home without those magical pops of crimson. Yes, it would be calming, welcoming...but would it sing? Would it call to you the moment you entered, "Come in, sit down and make my home your home"? I think not...

I love using cherry red throughout the year but at Christmas I could hardly bear to be without it.

There's a reason Father Christmas wears red, you know!
Will you be using red this Christmas?

Via Zuhause Wohnen