Our Minnesota home is slowly coming together as we experiment with the colour palette, furnishings, textiles and vintage finds.

As promised earlier this year about sharing glimpses of our home as we make progress on various projects planned for it. MN Home Feature will be the heading under which you will find posts about our home.

I shared this frame of Dithi's painting of Maa flanked by the spring green coloured chairs recently on Rang Decor's Facebook page and I was completely overwhelmed by the encouraging response from the readers.
The act of buying Retro, Mid-Century-ish accent chairs from Macy's was a daring act for us design wise. We did have a choice of rust colour, but this delightful colour Mustard Yellow-ish, Spring Green-ish {call it whatever;-)} just made my heart sing!

We came home with these and they blended in beautifully with our other traditional wooden Indian furniture and furnishings!

Afternoon light on our vintage find: Candelabra placed on the coffee table.

The next part of the story gets more interesting. The accent chairs become the inspiration for highlighting our Tanjore painting & Oleography gallery wall in the Living Room.

Will it work?
Will it not work?
We weren't sure until the perfect coloured furnishing seemed to pull everything together and unify it.

The colour might not be everyone's cup of tea but seems to work well for us and adds that cheeriness that we crave for during the long Minnesotan winters.

Will continue to share glimpses of our home under MN Home Feature.
Do share your thoughts and will definitely appreciate criticism if it is sugar-coated;-)

(Images by Arch and are copyrighted. Please do not use these photographs without my permission)