Yes, I am talking about fresh juicy fruits & colourful fragrant flowers and the magic that they bring into our homes.
Today I share with you all loads of beautiful moments created by flowers & fruits in my home

Take out that old brass 'matka' or 'kalsi' and fill it up with seasonal flowers, just a couple of them will do the trick.
Let your creativity flow, write down happy notes;-)Don't have a brass vase, no worry go ahead and use empty glass jars......or empty wine/beer bottles. The brand lettering adds to the beauty. Add some whimsical touches, ceramic ducks picked up from a local fair...Don't have a florist nearby, no worries pick up some wildflowers from the roadside or some seasonal flowers from the trees:-)

No expensive curios needed. No designer artefacts.
It's the simple things in life that add that sparkle to your home and a smile to your face.These flowers and fruits certainly lifted my spirits on a rainy day like today!

Wish you all loads of happiness with vitamins and fragrance:-)