Have you checked out Cox and Cox yet? You have? And you love them but you don't like the prices? Well, my friend, I have some news to bring a smile to your sad face....so wipe away those tears and look at what I have here!!

A 25% off media code for Cox and Cox! Yes, you heard me: 25% off. See, I knew that would cheer you up.

In the interests of your retail safety, I checked it out for you first by buying a few bits and bobs from them myself. Too kind? Me?!! Oh, you've made me blush....

Just quote: BCW101 when asked for your Media Code at the checkout.

Oh, and I have decreed that you can only use the code if you've Followed me at Modern Country Style....

AND left lots of comments.....



But can I take this moment to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who helps to make this blog what it is, whether that's by Following or commenting or just loitering by the door. I'm really grateful.

By the way, I'm not on commission from Cox and Cox. But you're so right, they owe me big time! You hear that Mr and Mrs Cox?