So.....I left you last time with this sneak peek of our Modern Country Style Attic-Chic cupboards in our Master Bedroom.

Quite a few of you asked me about fitting free-standing furniture up here. Let me quickly take you back to the horror that was there before. See the odd hole in the wall on the right of the photo below (images of before we moved in)? It's a cupboard that's been buil lt over the stairs but hadn't been finished properly. We wanted to tie in the doors that we were going to put on the front of that cupboard with whatever else we chose.

Then look at the rest of the space. It's Awkward (notice the capital A? That means VERY awkward indeeeeeeed!)

There's the beginning of a slopey roof,  and  an alcove, not to mention that the floor is totally wonky!

We did toy with the idea of various freestanding options but fitted cupboards seemed to fit in better with the look I had in mind AND seemed to fit the space better too.

Once I'd looked at all my inspiration images, and then looked again, and again....I began to form a plan of what I liked and didn't like .

I wanted:
  •  solid wood painted white cupboards;
  • skirting board running along the bottom;
  • detailing at the top;
  • an extra row of little cupboards at the top for storage but I didn't want them to go right up to the ceiling (too 'fitted');
  • Shaker style door fronts with beading to match the main door of the room;
  • large wooden door knobs.
Basically, I wanted a freestanding look but with the all convenience of fitted.

I want....I want....!! Picky? Me?!!

I am aware that these lists sound like a spoilt child's Christmas rant but I really have a thing about getting things perfect house-wise. It was a huge upheaval having this work done so I wanted to make sure it was right first time.

Mr Modern Country bears the brunt of my decorating weirdness. I'm sorry, my gorgeous lovely. x

We had huge fun designing our ideal wardrobe together with two full length mirrors facing each other so you can see your front and back at the same time (like magic), a shoe cupboard, a space for all our different clothes - and then extra cupboards at the top for paperwork, crafty bits and bobs, things to keep out of the way of little curious eyes, and miscellaneous rubbish. :-)

We got in quotes for having them built and they varied hugely. Nearly £5000 between the lowest and highest. We went for a middlish price with someone who'd been recommended to us and on the whole were really happy with his work.

Is it just me, or do you feel awkward making sure things are done really well when people come in to do work? There were a couple of times when I didn't think a shelf was fitted quite right or  I noticed a slight chip and wanted it done again. I feel really bad for asking but I know it will irritate me for ages if it's left.

I think it pays to stick with the standard you want (even if you drive everyone around you quite bananas!).  At least that's what I tell myself!! I am all ears if you think I'm sounding unreasonable.

I am sooooooo pleased with the result.

There's enough room for everything we need. No more clothes or shoes need to be on show. Hurrah!

Wait....what's that?

What do you mean you demand to see  inside?

Go on then....just for you.... :-)

So.....what do you think? I'm dying to hear....

Coming up next, I'll be sharing how I put this room together....