I had this glorious image in my Modern Country Style Craft folder. It was originally sold by an English Company called Country Hearts but is no longer available. But....what's that?.......You want one and it's not fair?  Well, would I ever let you down, my friends?! I'm here to help!

It's very Modern Country Christmas and, so you don't miss out, I'm putting  a tutorial together for making it.....yes, just for YOU!!

I know it's a rather Christmassy craft and, yes, it will be a Christmas decoration and I know it's only October

 I see confession time has come round again.....There's something you need to know about me.........I LOVE Christmas!! L.O.V.E it!! It's my absolute all time favourite numero uno best day of the year.

 I don't mind (and for 'don't mind' read 'very, very,. VERY much like') getting Christmas crafts ready super-early. It makes me happy when I'm organised and it means I'm more relaxed when the Christmas rush starts.

So, while I get back to my nirvana-type Christmas crafting tutorial state, I hope you all have brilliant and relaxing weekends.