Shalini Bahadur
Shalini is a freelance writer and researcher. Today she shares a few creative corners from her serene oasis in Dubai. She describes her home as contemporary but also individualistic. Modern lines but with a sense of warmth and comfort. Her philosophy, that truly reflects in her home, is that one need not spend loads of money to buy paintings by famous artists to make one's home beautiful. Being creative and inventive is the key. (She has been extremely inventive given the fact that she left most of her art & paintings back in India, when she moved to Dubai with her husband.) This simple paisley design artwork has been handmade by Shalini.A close-up of the paisley design.
The horse and the rider print in her bedroom is actually a newspaper cutting that Shalini really liked.The black and white framed artwork is a wrapping paper from Borders! Teamed with beautiful cushions from Ikea, makes it a relaxing corner in her living room.* Very creative*

Shalini continues,"I like symmetry and pairing things, but not to the extreme. I definitely don't like the magazine perfect look".Mr & Mrs. as she calls them were picked up from a garage sale in Kansas City.A cotton durrie hangs on the wall was a gift from her mother-in-law.This bedroom corner has simple elements of nature. A set of four framed leaves picked up during her morning walks. The delicate leaf pattern on the table lamp goes really well with the frames.

Shalini loves surrounding herself with things with personal history, mementos from travels, arts & crafts and loads of books.
This photograph in the silver frame is of Shalini's maternal grandmother. * So beautiful*Books form an intergral part of Shalini's home space. Another very important thing in her home is nature's treasures brought back from morning walks:-)Delicate Neem flowers, Frangipani or even few stems of fresh neem leaves add that extra cheer to her space."My home is a place where you can put your feet up, curl up on the couch and simply feel at ease." says Shalini.
I completely agree.
Thanks for sharing some beautiful corners from your home Shalini!
She blogs at of travels and travails and shares her beautiful photographs on flickr as ganobristol

P.S~ If you have any question for Shalini about her home, please ask in the comments section so she can reply to you.