Priya Sebastian~ an illustrator, a blogger, a cat-lover, and a Bangalorean shares her beautiful and serene home with all of us today. A home surrounded by the lush greenery of her magical garden.Cindy her cat relaxing on her sofa.

Priya says, "I like clean lines and unfussy rooms. Not only does openness and lack of clutter give me breathing space, it also makes maintenance far easier."

The plants in her various bottles form such lovely design elements.

Warm tones and dark browns are splashed with hints of Priya's favourite colour – deep pink.

Her dining table is a great space where she photographs her Big Fat Brekkie

The rest of the colour comes from books on the shelf and from green plants dotted within the rooms which are an extension of the wild garden just outside.

Priya continues, "Placement of smaller objects and books in my house is ever changing. Adding a new potted plant, or replacing an object with another can change the mood of the rooms in a subtle manner. These changes, rather than being deliberate, reflect my interest and focus at that moment."She has the most lovely collection of seeds *sigh*

The Grand Piano is such a stunning piece against the warm coloured walls.

Priya says,"The room in my apartment that I use the most is my active studio which alternates between chaos and tidy. More often than not, it is strewn with paper, pencils, charcoal dust and a cat."

Whenever I see plants in glass bottles I can think only of Priya. She has used such simple arrangements so effectively in her home, what a grand way to bring nature into your home!

Her space reflects the warmth and the creativity that she is endowed with.

Thanks Priya for sharing your gorgeous home with all of us!

She blogs at the plum tree

P.S~ If you have any questions for Priya about her home, please ask in the comments section so she can reply to you.