I didn't take any before photos of the bathroom before it was done.

It used to be aqua with hideous domed ceiling lights (one of which was broken after a football accident...). The cupboard doors were varnished wood, plain-fronted, with matching varnished doorknobs.

Here are some of the after photos:

The floor and tiles haven't changed as they are grey-green, which works well with the palette in the rest of the house.

We kept this radiator too. It's a large room and this sized radiator keeps it lovely and toasty in the winter.....there are few things worse than a too-cold bathroom.

The colour is Dulux white eggshell (not brilliant white). This is the first room I've ever painted white all over and it took me a couple of days to get used to it. Now, though, I love it. It feels serene and calm, whether I'm bathing four noisy children or relaxing by candlelight.

I'm extremely pleased with the cupboard doors and door knobs. The handles are smaller versions of the main doorknob. I really like small details tying in like that - even if no one else ever notices....