Time for another 'before' entry! This time it's the top floor's turn. Here's the first shot (this is before we moved in so ignore the possessions - or have a good nose!!):

It was a really strange use of space for us as there was a huge master bedroom downstairs and we didn't want two master-size bedrooms. This room was neither one thing nor another.

Neighbours in the house two up from us said the space worked incredibly well for them as a master room (they have the same layout as us) as the whole of the top floor is an adult space. They had turned the downstairs master bedroom into two rooms. I needed time to think so, for a while, we used it as a hobby room.

My change of mind happened when we had guests to stay. They slept in our room downstairs and we spent the night up here and... I LOVED it! Not as it was, obviously, but I suddenly began to see its potential.

I had always found the room downstairs a bit big. I like feeling slightly more cocooned in my bedroom. This felt spacious but more cosy than our downstairs bedroom.

Things I liked:
the space;
the lovely old beams;
the sloping roof;
the slight separation from the rest of the house - potential for a real haven!

What I didn't like:
small windows;
complete lack of proper storage (open built in shelving and an open wardrobe rail in an alcove plus a massive cupboard with no doors);
the decor (TWO borders and very flimsy tongue and groove);
the door opened where the bed fitted best;
the radiator was where the bed fitted best;
plugs on the beams;
the attic hatch in the bedroom;
Quite a list!

This was was going to be quite a big job.....oh yes, and I discovered I was pregnant... with twins. All in a days work for Mrs Modern Country.... NOT! Aaaaarghhh.....