In the early days of choosing everything for our bedroom, I actually went as far as ordering a chandelier but it looked wrong, wrong, wrong. Far too fussy for the atticky loveliness that I wanted.

I hastily sent it back! What was I thinking?!

My second choice, much more appropriate for the Modern Country style look I wanted, was this:

A very simple oval, cream drum shade. We have it on a dimmer switch for different...ahem...bedroom moods!

My inspiration photo had this candlestick lamp for bedside reading:

I wanted the same style so, after much (very enjoyable) searching, I found a lovely mahogany version to match (but not too matchy-matchy) our mahogany sleigh bed.

I really like it's understated elegance. It's a good height, too, so casts a lovely glow.

My final light choice was for the other end of the room. This was one of those serendipitous finds that I didn't really know I was looking for......UNTIL I FOUND IT!

Light of my life, I love you!

It's a scrumptious lamp, in chrome and leather. It's beautifully articulated so can be angled any way you please. Pure lighting yumminess. It makes my heart sing when I see it.

And that, ladies and gentleman, is the lighting tour of our Modern Country Style bedroom!