A boiler in the kitchen? Aaaaaarrrgghhh! As soon as I walked in my eyes were drawn to this monstrosity. There 's no prettifying that could disguise that horror. The only plus point was its white and grey colour scheme (JOKE!!). It was ugly.It was noisy. It simply had to go (as I told Mr Modern Country.....I am glad to say he agreed).

As luck would have it, it wasn't too big a job because the airing cupboard in the bathroom is straight above. The pipework just needed shifting up a few feet. We had the necessary work done as part of doing up the bathroom, which meant replacing the doors on the airing cupboard and moving the space around a wee bit. Want to know more about the bathroom? Just click here.

The whole system was getting pretty old anyway so we had the hot water tank and the boiler replaced. I can't believe how quickly our water heats up now. The wonders of Modern Country living never cease to amaze me!

Think how much extra storage could be put there! The window begins near the wall so there wouldn't be enough room for another cupboard and, anyway, I had a vision that if that hideous boiler could be moved then the space could be used for lovely wooden shelves in beech to match the worktops.

Open shelving? So very Modern Country!

The pipe holes and boiler space have been filled and roughly skimmed by the plumbers. It needed a little bit of work to make it presentable. But that's all been taken in hand by our lovely Mr Carpenter who has been in to ........ah, but that would be telling!