modern country kitchen
Wooooooohoooooooooooooh! I know you're all so excited. Yes, I can hear you chomping at the bit but I'm here to tell you that the kitchen reveal is finally here. I've been literally holding myself back by the reins in order to make myself not spill all the beans on day one. Must. Hold. Back.Must. Hold. Back. Repeat. Ad. Nauseum.

Before I start, please could I ask you something personal? I'm so pleased and happy to have new Followers (thank you, thank you, thank you) but if you join and don't let me know then I don't currently know how to recognise newcomers in the list of Followers. I really want to make you feel welcome and wanted and warm so please, please leave a comment or email me?

So, Modern Country Stylers, we started with this:

What I've been most pleased with is how incredibly different the aspects that we *haven't* changed look. The kitchen units themselves are cream shaker-style and the beech worktops both look better than I could have imagined. The wood had obviously been reflecting the dayglo orange of the walls previously. As soon as we painted, they took on a beautiful mellow hue.

I don't know about you but when I'm doing up a room I make myself hold back all the lovely accessories I've bought until every last drop of paint is rolled on, every last inch of sealant is applied. It's like a carrot of loveliness dangling on a stick for me. Signing to me like a seductive siren, to complete the ruddy room if it's the last thing I do.

Isn't it one of life's fantastic moments when you stand back and survey your hard work coming together. A real 'aaaaaah' *deep breath out*. It means I can get out all the goodies I've been savingup, making a fantastic moment almost deliriously ecstatic, to be quite honest.

But I'm racing ahead of myself again. Soooo much excitment! Hard to contain.

I meant to break down the process and tell you what we've done in the kitchen. So let's just rewind for a moment or two and I can share with you what I've been up to.

Here's the list......

We replaced the dark brown plinths with cream ones to match the units, which really opened everything up.

We moved the boiler up out of the kitchen to the airing cupboard in the bathroom......

....which meant we could add open beech shelving in the newly acquired space.

We removed the blue and orange tiles and added beech backstands around most of the kitchen plus cream tiles behind the sink and cooker.

Here's the before photo again to save you scrolling up and down because if there's one thing I hate it's scrolling up and down in a reveal. I love to check back to see what's been accomplished but too much scrolling and the red mist falls.

We tiled the shabby mdf back doorstep with slate tiles.

We replaced the small wooden door knobs with large wooden doorknobs.

We painted the room with Farrow and Ball Blue Grey and Farrow and Ball White Tie. Oooh, I love me some Farrow and Ball. Yes, siree, I do. The intensity and quality of colour make them the best paints around, in my opinion.

We painted the back door gloss white. to replace varnished orangey wood. Another big change. It's quite dark in this part of the room so this white helps to lighten it all up.

We changed the plugs from standard white to flat steel (the flat-screen tv of the plug world).

And lastly, we replaced the door handles with cast iron black ones.

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