You've all come wearing gorgeous party frocks and shoes (and tiaras for some, I hear!!)? Why could that be?

{As if I could ever forget!}

Yes, it's....

Wreath Friday at Modern Country Style.

And did you remember your wreaths?

You did? Why thank you!

Let's just have a quick recap, just click on the links to see the full post.

On Monday, you (hopefully!) learnt how to make your very own quick and easy Wreath Base out of prunings from your garden.

On Tuesday, dried flowers from the garden got their chance to shine in the Natural Beautiful Wreath tutorial.

Thursday was the turn of the Cinnamon and Orange Wreath Tutorial.


And Friday? Well, Friday is today and today is Wreath Friday!!

Are there any rules, I hear you cry? Errrrr, not really, I don't think. Do you have any rule ideas?

You're desperate for me to make it obligatory for people to Follow me and that they should be put in the stocks and have rotten tomatoes thrown at then if they don't?

Aaah, that's so sweet. Thank you.

Let's just say that what you link up needs to be wreath-related and to link back to Modern Country Style in your post.

{But if you'd like to Follow too, then you'd be extraordinarily welcome.}


And now for the PARTAAAAY (which will be open until Wednesday)!....Let's link 'em up!!