We had such a lovely weekend getting everything ready for Christmas. Whenever we have the Decorating Weekend each year, I try and think up crafts for the children beforehand so they can feel involved while we get on with decorating round them.

{There's nothing quite like *another* bauble casualty to put a dampener on my festive cheer...}

This is what my second eldest made. I loved it so much that I thought I'd show you. It's easy-peasy but takes a good chunk of time to do.

{Perfect for a children's craft in my book.}

I gave her a bowl and sent her into the winter wilds of our  garden to find some firm red berries. Then she carefully threaded the berries onto some wire.

When enough were threaded, we twisted the ends of the wire together, squeezed it all into a heart shape and added a pretty ribbon.

Obviously, the person doing this has to be responsible enough to know not to eat the berries but this was a great craft and only needed very minimal supervision.

I'm linking to Holly at Homebody's Thifty Gifty Party. Thank you all so much for linking up all your gorgeous wreaths at my Wreath Party last Friday.

{Well, it started on Friday but turned into a Weekender Bender...}

 I've picked some out especially for you to feast your eyes on....

imageanchor="1" style="margin-left: 1em; margin-right: 1em;">

Gorgeous, eh? Aren't they beautiful?


I just love the versatility of wreaths.

So, what's coming next time? Well, I have this to show you:

Meet Mister Santa, my most ambitious project yet....