Modern Christmas in a historical setting
   Journalist: Eva-Marie Wilken Photographer: Martin Sølyst and Erik Bjørn Kudsk Nina has a passion for interior design, and it shows in her and the family's home north of Copenhagen. Christmas is more than welcome with its blessed message of togetherness and calm, but inside the beautiful house's four walls is not the power of Christmas decor.
Beautifully located by a moving channel north of Copenhagen, this completed gem of a home. According to the historical reputation was Svend Gønge men who in the 1700s canal dug out and the house holds as many historical references.

It's wonderful to look at its site with boulders and old weathered timber trees in the garden. Today it is - after a thorough renovation - as a modern home with beautiful architectural solutions with great caution was added to the old buildings.

Source: Bo Bedre