I met Priya Sebastian for a cup of chai few days back.
She suggested we drop by at this quaint place at the edge of Richard's Park in Richard's Town, which houses the work of Bangalore-based illustrator Paul Fernandes.

Not knowing what to expect I just followed her obediently into this space, habitually taking out my camera while she exchanged pleasantries with Mona and Jatin of aPaulogy~ Curious Illustration.

As I looked around this colourful space, I was at once enveloped in a multi-hued world of water colours!
What followed was an hour of surfing the waves of sheer nostalgia of the years spent in the beautiful Cantonment area of Bangalore.
Paul Fernandes' illustrations are an ode to this charming part of Bangalore. Light-hearted, funny depiction of scenes from the days gone by~ the 70's, his memories and experiences and of friends and families.

He's work has captured some grand landmarks of the area, which conjures up numerous memories in people who have lived here. The work is also a satirical take on these fast disappearing heritage buildings and structures.

The charming Mona taking us on a trip down memory-lane. She narrated such delightful little stories associated with each illustration and also some very interesting piece of information.

Thom's Cafe, a landmark building on Wheeler's Road! I have such fond memories of picking up their warm, fresh out of the oven bread, you drop a blob of butter on it and it would melt:-)

Mona tells us that, in 'those days' it was the only cafe in the Cantonment area which had a Jukebox and they played some lovely music.

His gallery is peppered with vintage furniture, collectibles and memorabilia's that are remnants of the old Bangalorean charm.

Paul is a collector of miniature vintage cars...

An old framed photograph.

Miniature cars glide on window sills and on tables...

Paul has captured some beautiful heritage houses, which are fast disappearing.

This illustration depicts the sincere policemen of yesteryears checking for lit oil lamps on the cycles. There is an antique lamp placed next to the artwork, which almost brings the scene alive!

Priya and Mona engrossed in one of the illustrations depicting a scene of a pre-wedding Mangalorean party.


What a fabulous treat it was to the senses, we walked out feeling like one of the characters that Paul Fernandes so beautifully brought to life, from another era.

A little melancholy lingered in my heart thinking about the heritage buildings, that filled us with so many happy memories, were slowly disappearing giving way to huge concrete structures.

Presently Paul Fernandes walks the various mains and streets trying to paint the other remarkable landmarks of Namma Bengaluru!

Kudos Paul Fernandes!

(images by Arch)