I sit down to type my post today and I know it is going to be
a different post. A special post.

Never before have I shared my meeting with a creative fellow design blogger here on Rang Decor and never have my colourful photographs been replaced by black & white images in my attempt to capture the moments of creative effervescence, delightful conversations, foamy Cappucino hearts and heady Earl Grey brews.

Vineeta Nair, as many of you might be aware is the multi-faceted, super-talented lady behind the popular design & decor blog Artnlight.

Vineeta was the first Indian design blogger I met online, around the time I created Rang Decor way back in 2007. Ever since our creative paths have been criss-crossing in the virtual world of blogging.
One Saturday afternoon the virtual path metamorphosed into a real one which led to Bangalore and we met!


We met, we spoke, we laughed, we walked, we photographed, we reminisced, we connected as creative individuals.


Happy feet and a dazzling smile.


She hearts Cappuccino and here is her Cappuccino heart!


I shared little things from our travels and huge creative passions of my life.

Vineeta shared her evolution from an ex-advertising professional to an independent designer with a vibrant Artnlight range of decoupaged products to a contributor to the book 'Desire To Inspire'~Using Creative Passion to Transform the World. by Christine Mason Miller

True to it's name the book Inspires.


Over a transparent cup of Earl Grey and a foamy Cappuccino we discussed the book which so resonates with inspiring thoughts and ideas. It instills a sense of belief that every creative individual can make a positive impact in this beautiful world of ours.

It's a book that makes you believe in dreams. It's a book that inspires you to follow your heart. It's a book that shows you that dreams do come true and it is YOU who makes it happen!


Vineeta signing a copy of 'Desire to Inspire' for me to cherish. I am just a few pages into the book and I want to share a few beautiful lines from it.

" Take a daring leap. Begin to pave your own trail. Listen to the whispers within your heart.
Take micro-actions. Commit to change. Take responsibility for how you live your life.
Embrace joy and release sorrow. Accept that within this moment, you can rewrite your story by taking one step in a different direction, followed by another step...
one action at a time. "
~ Carolyn Rubenstein

"Go! Go in the direction of your dream no matter where you are, no matter if you feel like it is the 'right' time or you have the 'right' resources, because the right time to live your life is now."
~ Mindy Tsonas

Your wings already exist. All you have to do is FLY

On that note, with multi-hued creative auras around us, with heightened levels of positivity we parted ways to meet again in the virtual world.


That's me and Vineeta spreading smiles:-)