Welcome to the second in a series on Gwyneth Paltrow's Fashion Style. The first focused on knee high boots, and went on to show a few simple rules on picking the perfect pairToday we're talking about Gwyneth's fashion-passion again but this time the focus is on scarves. We're talking Gwyneth AND scarves....ooh, so Modern Country. Scarves and Gwyneth go together like Mario and Luigi. That is to say very well indeed.

I'd say she does a little bit of scarfage pretty darn well.
{Yep. I said scarfage. 
That should so be a word. 
It is now...}

The scarves I've picked out are all biggies: pashminas that wrap around and around and around to make you feel all snuggly and warm. And all in neutral colour ways. 

In fact, there is basically only one scarf-style featured here: the rest being variations on the theme. The large grey pashmina is a fantastic go-to classic. 

What I'm trying to demonstrate is that there's no need to rush out and buy a hundred million different wraps when Gwyneth shows us so beautifully that one look can be streeeeeetched a very long way.

Take a simple black jacket, wrap around a grey scarf, put on fitted trousers or leggings, add some boots and finally pop on a pair sunnies. You, my stylish Modern Country friend, are good to go....