Who fancies eating under the stars but within the comfort of your own cosy home? Yes, you say? - or was that more of a yeeeessssssssss happy squeal? 

And who, of a summer's evening, wouldn't love to share something deliciously scrumptious whilst watching the soft golden sun sinking lower and lower over the horizon? Hmmm, yes, I suspected there would be more squealing at that suggestion too.

And, do you know what? I'm right with you.
Well, not literally, although wouldn't that be marvellous if I was?

Sitting, chatting happily, over warm, moist chocolate puddings, or just a hot chocolate for the less indulgent among you. And when I say 'hot chocolate', you should know that in my house, that drink means marshmallows and whipped cream atop a steaming, soothing mug of sugary heaven. Life is simply too short to settle for less. Diet hot chocolate? Bleeurgh to that nonsense, I say.

Potential hiccups to watch out for, if you're plumping for this conservatory dining, must definitely include seasonal adjustments. Be mindful that temperatures will be amplified a million-fold in a glass conservatory: sweltering if it receives direct sunlight, and f-f-freezing in the winter because glass isn't a terribly efficient insulator. 

But don't be despondent if your thumping design-heart is set on this idea. There are plenty of excellent solutions for both problems. For example, blinds and good ventilation go a long way towards keeping temperatures down, in our English climate at least.

More effort and expense, perhaps but just look at what you get in return...

A completely blissful space, flooded with natural light; absolutely perfect for casual chit-chat as well as more formal suppers. 

Yes, m'dears, Modern Country Conservatory Dining is officially lush.


Images via: Bright Bazaar, Homes and Property, Unknown, Unknown and HouseToHome