And now, let's get down to the style that I truly love; that's not to say that the other Modern Country Dining Set-Ups weren't utterly beautiful and divinely functional but this solution is my absodoodle favourito, as the saying so clearly should go.

The Flow-Through is Modern Country Dining-Heaven. 
Yes, it could be seen as a hotch-potch of all the previous styles we've been discussing....or, as I prefer to think of it, a rather sneaky nabbing of the very best bits to make.....Dining Nirvana!

Can you see, in these images, the dining area seems to flow perfectly  in and around the rest of the house?

Some of the tables are in a room of their own, while others are in fairly open-planned but strictly zoned spaces.....

...yet all of these spaces manage the Modern Country ideal. Conjuring up the feeling of the Country idyll but retaining the slight separateness because of the realities of Modern life with all its noisy kitchen gadgets. These gorgeous dining tables aren't in the kitchen but have been arranged artfully nearby, to ensure the owners have the best of Modern and Country living.

Oh, the joys of the Modern Country Flow-Through.
I think it's about time I showed you ours?

Images via: Country Homes and Interiors, Period Living, Unknown, Katherine's Dream, Ideal Home