It's easy to look at images of super-styled images of celebrities {hello, luscious Gwynnie!} and feel intimidated, isn't it? Stop right there! That is sooooo not in the realm of Modern Country Style living. The last thing I want is to make anyone feel less than thrilled with themselves. so I thought we'd have a 'keeping it real' post.

It turns out that Gwyneth is real and human. Who'd have thought?! Beautiful, yes, but she has flaws too.

However, nor is this a point-and-laugh post. You'll never find those on Modern Country Style. Mummies have got a hard enough job as it is without added pressure from that kind of exposure. 

Gwyneth Paltrow is a gorgeous yummy mummy, to be sure, but she's learnt to make the very most of her good points and carefully conceals her not-so-good ones and that's something we can all learn from, no?

You can see from these images how Gwyneth Paltrow's style has evolved. Her fashion-sense has been honed over the years.

From student-chic, through minimalist and pregnancies... 

...and ending firmly where I love it best....

Modern Country Style!

Casual, cool, relaxed pieces teamed with Modern-luxe and on-trend's easy, it's low-maintenance, it's a no-brainer! 

Modern Country fashion is here to stay!

Images via Huffington Post, US magazine and Caren Fashion