I'd say we're nearly ready for a full Modern Country Dining Room reveal, don't you, sweetiepips? But before I go the full hog and bare all, I wanted to urge you, if you have a rather gloomy, North-facing space, like our dining room, to take the plunge and hang a massively, enormously, humungously large mirror.

You'll be a-maaaaazed at the magic that mirrors can spin out of their shimmery, shiny surfaces. 

It took me aaaages to find one I liked. We were somewhat limited by dimensions as I wanted the mirror to fill the blank space above our brand, spanking new, much-needed (check out the UG.LEE fella above) radiator cover. Lots of pretty but small mirrors around, I now know!! I looked all over for the perfect specimen and finally,finally, finally found one I loved.

It's a large (woohoo!) bevelled mirror with a wooden surround in burnt silver, and has the pretty bonus of gorgeous detailing carved into the wooden surround.

And, while it may sound super-poncy, burnt silver is a terrific colour - it manages to be warm and cool at the same time.

It was a nightmare to hang as it's so heavy. Our very handy handyman attached brackets onto the back, gouged into our walls (our poor, lovely walls getting a battering again) attached the brackets and carefully plastered over again.

Despite my very vague hand movements specifying that I wanted the mirror hung portrait-wise, it got hung landscape at first. I thought about keeping it that way, as it looked more than passable but decided to be a total fusspot and asked him to rehang it (poor man, poor walls!!).

So, was all the pain worth it?

Yes, oh yes, yessity-yes. Look at all that lovely sparkle bouncing around the room! It brings the whole space alive, injects lots of natural light, and looks gorgeous too, as well as filling a very blank wall! A multi-functional piece, if ever there was one, my friends.

Do you need a mahoosive mirror in your life?
Have I persuaded you?

{And if you loved this, don't forget to follow along for the full reveal this Friday!)