Isn't this Secret Garden beautiful?

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Take a look at all the delicious traditional Country elements:

the soft informal planting
the beautiful curve in the arch of that old brick wall
the aged stone statue and plinth
the cobbled path

The juxtaposition (what a fab word) of these elements against the formal topiary structure underpinning it all is 
my idea of Modern Country Gardening bliss!

A hedge is a simple form of topiary used to create boundaries, walls or screens.

Not at all family-friendly (where would the footballs go?! I'm lucky enough to have five littlies, so this is always utmost in my mind!) but very gorgeous nevertheless!

Now then, who fancies seeing a bit more of how a certain Kate Middleton is getting on looking stylish-whilst-pregnant? 
Be back here sharpish on Wednesday. ;-)

Images via Homes and Gardens