I love the colour palette throughout this gorgeous 
Modern Country Colonial Chic house tour.

Shall we take a stroll inside?

Another gorgeous blend of charcoal grey, natural browns and pure white. 
We can't get enough, can we?

If you're going with this classic Modern Country look then remember to include lots of texture to lift the whole scheme to stratospheric proportions of utter loveliness.

The owners of this home have done exactly that.
Using a huge range of tactics, they've covered pretty much every front... from the floor (stone paving, wooden floorboards, rugs, painted floorboards)...

to the ceiling (wooden beams, metal beams, painted tongue and groove, timber, grey paint)...

 and a whole host of natural materials in between: wood, wicker, glass, sisal, linen, stone, brass, velvet to name just a few.

Yes, the colour palette is very limited but no visual interest is sacrificed because of the enormous attention to detail.

{Do you think Modern Country Colonial Chic 
is the new black. ;-)}

Images via Atlanta Homes Magazine