I'll be honest: when we were first planning the shower room, I had concerns about how I was going to persuade Mr Modern Country to agree to the installation of the floor of my dreams. 

As I was saying in my last post, my grandmother had hexagonal mosaic floor tiles in her bathroom, and I've always longed for some of my own. In keeping with the luxurious hotel-spa feel that I wanted for this room, the marble option was whispering my name.

However, 'quality marble' and 'very cheap indeed' aren't phrases you hear together very often. In fact, despite their enormous popularity in the US, small marble hexagonal tiles are pretty tricky to track down in the UK. Believe me, I searched high and low and then some!

And here, my friends, is where I struck gold! The other retailer I tracked down with a similar product sold them at over £18 per sheet!
Our Blanco Hexagon tiles from Walls and Floors were a total snip at £6.45 per 29cm x 28.5 sheet.


I am besotted with these marble lovelies. They bring character to this new area of our house in absolute spades. From the moment they arrived, I couldn't stop staring at their deliciously varied surface. 
I chose a matt white colour but each individual tile has a slight shift in tone.

And I'll let you into a secret, this makes having a very pale floor a dream to keep looking sparkling. {I can hear you breathing a collective sigh of relief!}

They bring so much light in to the room. The brightness and the very slight variation in level of the small tiles bounces the light around at almost miraculous levels. 

I'm often asked how to source good quality products at great prices, so I'm putting together a checklist for you....coming up soon!