we are with our squishy-squashy tan leather sofa, made even more lovely with the addition of some gorgeous Modern Country extras, which ensure that turning this room from grown-up living space to guest bedroom is an absolute breeze.

No more worrying about needing extra storage....I know! Enjoy the liberation!

Here's what you need to have for a no-need-for-storage guest space:

three cushions,
one sofabed
a basket

Your first priority is to make the space look as snuggly and enticing as possible....magazines in the basket, beautiful accessories.... Choosing gorgeous quality blankets, in particular, will pay dividends in years to come. Luxurious chic knows no bobbles!!

Ours are from Solway Blankets, which has fast become one of my favourites because of its amazing range of throws, blankets and rugs in high-end wools: mohair, alpaca, merino and cashmere.

The natural colourway of both, check and houndstooth blankets, off-white and greige, is perfect for this room: Modern Country heaven!

Basically, the magic happens when you convert to guest-bedroom mode. All you need is an extra couple of sheets. One on the mattress, and the other to go underneath the blankets. 

I pop one super-warm blanket over the top sheet, and drape the other over the sofa, in any way that takes my fancy. The sofa cushions tuck behind the mattress easy-as-pie to form a makeshift headboard.

The other cushions can either adorn the pillows, or you can tuck them in the basket. 

And Bob's your uncle, ta-daaaaaa, you've done it! Living Room to Guest Bedroom with no extra storage needed! Surely a miracle!