Showering in our house was an absolute nightmare before The Build. Just look at what we inherited from the previous owners!

The shower was cramped, cold, leaky and dribbly.
Enough to put you off showers for life, right?
Wrong! Here's what we ended up with after the extension was completed....

Enter Project: Shower Heaven! 
{Cue angels singing!}

My goal for this room was to create the Perfect Shower that could lure me out of my warm, cosy bed in the morning! I've always been a Bath Girl through and through so this was a celestial aim!

After looking through a million different shower catalogues and trawling the net for reams of shower-related information, we chose the Mira Realm With Diverter (for more information or to find your nearest stockist, visit Mira Showers or call 0844 5715000), as we wanted a shower with an old-fashioned feel to add character to the new extension

I wanted this room to feel it had always been part of the house, and the traditional looks of Mira Realm contribute hugely to that feel, and was fantastic value too.

However, while I wanted an old-fashioned Country look, I wanted a Modern shower experience. No coldness. No slow dribbles. No water temperature up and down like a yo-yo! 

The solution was to choose a thermostatic shower, which gives temperature stability. 

Once the dial is set at your desired temperature, it stays that way, even with five children in the house having a bath downstairs!

The enormous 21cm deluge head is LUSH. I feel like I'm standing in a warm summer storm, or a distant tropical waterfall. 

However, for total flexibility, I wouldn't be without the diverter option. 

One turn of this wonder-dial ensures that I can easily wash my hair properly or, more practically, clean the shower tray.

And the water absolutely blasts out, compared to the all-over soak experience of the main head.

I can have all deluge, all diverter or both options at once...aaaaah! Bliss!

I wasn't sure that I could ever be converted to showers but, do you know what? I've done it!

I've managed to turn showertime from nightmare to an ultimate, and hugely-looked-forward to, daily luxury!