Who's seen Rachel Ashwell's gorgeous new book Couture Prairie?

Every single page is absolutely wham-bam full of delicious Country Style inspiration.

Couture Prairie, published by Ryland, Peters and Small, takes you on an amazing tour around The Prairie, Rachel's lifelong dream-fulfilling boutique hotel.

Rather than any kind of mainstream hotel, it's actually a collection of darling houses, all transformed at the Midas touch of Rachel Ashwell's hands.

Throughout the book, we're taken around each beautifully and painstakingly lovely part of The Prairie hotel, and drawn into Rachel's journey.

However, although it's clear that the hotel is an absolute passion of hers, this is not a book with ideas that are out of reach for any of us mere mortals. There are ideas aplenty for even the most modest of cottages.

If you feet are firmly on the Country side of Modern Country, or even if you want a little piece of Country in your oh-so-Modern home, then feast your eyes on the pages of Couture Prairie.

From breath-taking chandeliers to softly, softly industrial touches this is a book that will transform any preconceived notions you have of Shabby Chic.