Sometimes, something so deliciously Modern Country comes along that I simply can't wait to share it with you!

Such a momentous occasion has arisen, my friends.
I ordered this Union Jack rug from Cox and Cox
for the boys bedroom a while back and I am still smitten. 

You know how some mail order buys 
completely surpass your expectations?
This is one of them.

The picture doesn't do the rug justice.
The colours are much darker and richer and infinitely more Modern Country. The 100% wool tufts feel soft and reassuringly good quality under bare little feet (and bigger mummy feet too!).

The backing is edged beautifully. I love it when gorgeous details are placed where they're not even meant to be know they're there for just the sheer pleasure of looking good.

If you've been searching for a thoroughly eye-catching 
Union Jack rug, 
let your search stop here.

{Edited note: the rug was from Cox and Cox who have stopped this particular rug but still stock the star version, or you can buy a very similar version here}