It's the small touches, they say, that make the difference....and never has that been more true than in Modern Country Style children's bedrooms.

My tick-list for must-have accessories in my own or my client's homes is pretty demanding. They must look good, perform beautifully, earn their keep (children's bedrooms can often be smaller than average so every square inch counts), stand up to the rigours of little hands, and have that timeless Modern Country look that I love.

I first saw the idea of over-sized rulers as height charts a while back on The Great Interior Design Challenge but it wasn't until I stumbled upon The Real Ruler Height Chart Company, an utterly delgithful, utterly professional company based in rural West Sussex, that I succumbed to temptation.

They make a beautiful feature of measuring ritual, heretowith scribbled on door posts up and down the country! The Height Charts from The Real Ruler Height Chart Company are made from responsibly-sourced Redwood Pine of exceptional quality. Mine has been cut and stained (by hand, I might add) to mimic a vintage school-ruler, although you can also choose from a variety of Farrow and Ball paint options.

Something to look out for when buying one for your own family is to remember to choose a style that has been chamfered on each side for a truly authentic appearance.

The measurements run up each side (feet and inches on one, centimetres on the other) catering for both imperial and metric enthusiasts! 

My Height Chart genuinely looks like an old-school ruler, only this one goes up to six foot six!

Get yours here.