Indian Hand Embroidery entices us with its vibrant colours, the intricate designs and the effort put in by the skilled craftsmen.
There are various styles of embroidery in India & from different regions and it would be an enormous task to cover all of them in one small post.

Some of the well-known styles are Phulkari, Chikan, Kantha, Banjara, Rabari, Mirrorwork, Zardozi and you can read more about Indian Embroidery Styles here.

So here are some of the interesting styles...
Colourful cushion covers from Shrujan

The vibrant craft can be brought into your homes in the form of home accessories like cushion covers, bedsheets, door hangings, wall hanging and many more.

Bedsheet from Indiascrafts

Fantastic wall hanging from Shrujan
Cushion Covers from Shrujan
Door hanging from Indiascraft
Hand Embroidery bed cover from Anokhi
Amazing cushion covers from Tilonia
This white on cream is a dream:-) from Tilonia
Love this from Shrujan

Silver & Gold from Shrujan
Lovely combination from Anokhi
My mirrorwork cushion cover picked up from a Crafts Fair:-)

( Images from Shrujan, Tilonia, Anokhi & Indiascraft)