I fell in love with this traditional Kerala mansion and all the amazing antique chests, lamps, pillars it housed.
This is Rafia Jacob in her lovely colonial mansion in Kottayam named Casa Kunnenkeril.
Rafia is passionate about antiques, she collects colonial furniture, unusual artefacts, accessories.. which is displayed casually in her home & garden.Rafia also restores old Kerala houses. Her craftsmen repair and restore these houses and bring them back to their original splendor. Great Job!Amazing wooden chests, pillars and traditional brass lamps.
Teak & Rose wood furniture
Antique brass beetle nut crackers and accessories.Lovely, Lovely furniture, desks, cupboards & chairs.
Copper Sulphate coloured chandelier in the living room.

Hope you enjoyed the antiques as much I enjoyed sharing them. I am so inspired, I am off to re-arrange the furniture in my home :-)

( images from Inside Outside Magazine, June 2005 issue)