Thanjavur Oviyam or Tanjore Painting is one of my favourite Art of India. The rich gold, semi-precious stones decorated paintings of mostly Gods & Goddesses can brighten up any room.(Details on the frames of one of the Tanjore Paintings)
It is one of the ancient forms of painting from South India. It is usually done on dark wooden planks. Tanjore Paintings have become very popular lately and are given as gifts & souvenirs.
Interesting themes like 'Rhishaba Vahana'- Lord Shiva & Goddess Parvathi sitting on Nandi(The Bull), 'Gopi Krishna'- Lord Krishna with the Gopis' are some of my favourites.

We are passionate about Tanjore Paintings and you can see some of them here:-)
(Rhishaba Vahana Tanjore)

Here are some ideas from magazines...
You could group Tanjore Paintings of similar colours together.
Group it together like an art gallery or...focus on just one painting.

In our drawing room we've highlighted this 'Ashtalakshmi'- 8 Goddess Lakshmi painting by using bright orange colour on the wall.

So to bring in rich, bright, traditional art into your home, why not invest in a Tanjore Painting :-)

( some images from Elle Decor Jan 2007 issue)