When I think of 'Stone Sculptures' the first image that comes to mind is the amazing granite stone sculptures of Mahabalipuram, near Chennai in Tamil Nadu.There are various styles of stone sculptures in India but today I would like to share the absolutely stunning 'Pallava Style' sculptures from Mahabalipuram.(A small stone Ganesha in my balcony)

Apart from being a Unesco World Heritage Site, Mahabalipuram is also a hub for stone carvings & idols.
The sculptors or sthapathis as they are known in India, have been carrying on this rich tradition of carving from their forefathers where they use Vaastu Shastra as well as mathematical precison for the execution of such exquisite sculptures.
Here you'll find idols in various sizes and shapes, some specially made for temples, some custom-made for hotels and smaller ones for homes & gardens.
Idols of Hindu Gods & Goddesses such as Ganesha, Gaja-Lakshmi, Shiva, Nandi are common.

Here are some interesting ideas for using stone sculpture in home decor.
(A stone Ganesha in our balcony, I love decorating with fresh flowers:-) This pic is to show ideas for decorating with stone sculptures- This sculpture is Hoysala style*)
These exquisite pieces can be used indoors or in your gardens and balconies along with green plants...
* Will definitely post about Hoysala Style later in this feature:-)

(some images from Inside Outside, October 2005 issue)