'Madhubani' is one of my favourite arts from IndiaWould have covered this art sometime in the future, but on the suggestion of 'Rang Decor' reader Nivedita I decided to feature it today :-)

Madhubani Painting also known as Mithila Painting. Legend has it that King Janak of Mithila in Bihar commissioned artists to make paintings at the time of the wedding of his daughter Sita to Lord Rama.( Lord Krishna dancing on the head of Kaliya the snake)

Madhubani Paintings are usually done on freshly plastered mud walls of homes in Mithila. Vegetable dyes are used in the paintings and the skills are passed on from one generation to the next.
Goddess from indian-art.net'Midst the Ocean' by Bharti Dayal
Interesting simple black & white Madhubani painting on handmade paper.

Some decor ideas using Madhubani painting... A whole wall painted by artist Shivan Paswan at art connoisseur Rajshree Pathy's home. ( Lovely!)
Colourful bulls and red flower compliment the mutli-coloured Madhubani Painting in Mallika's room.
Group together small Madhubani Paintings

You can bring in this colourful art into your home not only in the form of paintings but also home accessories like magazine holders, napkin holders, lamps etc.
Paper-mache' Madhubani magazine holderMy favourite Madhubani Napkin Holder.

Today I am featuring one of my very talented Flickr friends arty_zen from Singapore. She does Madhubani paintings on mundane things and converts them into pieces of art.
A hand fan converted into a lovely piece of art
A plain lampshade gets transformed into a luminous glowing Madhubani art.
Colourful coasters that would enliven any space:-)
Wonderful colour combinations.

Another beautiful art of India that can bring colours into your lives...

(some images from indian-art.net, dayalbharti & arty_zen on flickr and the rest by Arch)