Gond Tribal Painting is done by Gondi people who live in parts of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Chattisgarh, Andhra Pradesh & Orissa.

Gondi people pray to various Gods & spirits. These paintings like various other tribal art is done on the walls of the houses. The depiction of their environment in the form of forests, trees, animals, birds is prominent in the paintings. Lord Krishna dancing on the serpent head, part of the Hindu mythology.

Beautiful depiction of animals.Black & White Gond paintings from www.indiahandicraftstore.com
Serpent's Head Tree by renowned Gond painter Bhajju Shyam.

Bhajju Shyam's work won a State award in 2001 and today he has illustrated 'The London Jungle Book' by Tara Books.

Lovely art form from the tribal forests of Gond. Amazing colours & intricate workmanship makes it a winner.
Already on my list of 'To-Buy':-)

(images from indiahandicraftstore.com, resurgence.org, tarabooks.com, shot at Chitrakala Parishad )