Diwali is the time when major cleaning, painting, sprucing up is done and homes are transformed into a special abode for Goddess Lakshmi (Goddess of Wealth)

There is brightness everywhere. My Diwali routine includes taking out all my brass lamps, the simple brass diyas to huge Kerala Lamps.
Here is a simple idea that you can use as a center of interest on your dining table, infront of a picture of Goddess Lakshmi or at the entrance to your home.

Polish those simple brass diyas, place it in between the grooves of an egg tray (which you can pick up from any grocery store). Use any flower of your choice to fill up the gaps in between the diyas. Voila! You have a gorgeous centerpiece ready.

(Images & ideas by Arch, feel free to get inspired and link to me but if you want to use my photographs for some other purpose please send me a mail.)