I love 'before and after' posts on interior blogs.....or in magazines, for that matter. I love seeing, side by side, the complete transformation. From dull to dazzling! Do you like 'before and afters'? Is it just me?!

I realised I hadn't done any specific 'before and after' posts. So...I thought I'd do my very own!

Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to Master Bedroom: before and after. Here is the first before shot, taken before we moved in:

List of hideousness:

Not one, but two, TWO hideous borders. Open hanging rail wardrobe thing. Flimsy tongue and groove covering the lower half. Orange pine shelving unit. What can only be described as a gaping hole in the wall (with broken glass in the bottom). Bed position breaks the room in half, visually and practically.

.....and after the renovation:

We had builders and carpenters and plumbers and electricians and plasterers and decorators in to:

rip out the shelving unit;
rip out the hanging rail;
reposition the attic hatch outside the bedroom;
remove the tongue and groove and TWO borders (!);
move the door by 90 degrees so that we could reposition the bed;
put in two large Velux windows, rather than the teeny tiny ones in before;
reposition the radiator under the sloping roof to give more usable wall space;
build cupboards to look like original Edwardian cupboards to match the age of the house;
move the light switch and light;
move the plugs from on the beams to above the skirting board;
change the door and door handle and architrave around the door;
fit a new skirting board.

Another before:

Why they chose those windows in the first place, I'll never know! The new ones make the room lovely and bright.
We had the walls painted in Farrow and Ball Light Blue, which is possibly my favourite colour ever.

It was a wonderful moment when it was, at last, completed (this along with two other rooms downstairs). The house was back to ourselves (although, I should add the workmen were fantastic on the whole).

We had gorgeous weather on Sunday afternoon. I hope you had a lovely weekend. Aren't those two days off heavenly?