Today, I'm sending some Modern Country Style blog love to Vosges Paris.

Have you seen Vosges Paris blog? It's the phwoar of the blog world. Gorgeous, inspiring pictures. Her style is more industrial than mine but I love being stretched in all directions, and that is what this blog does. Vosges Paris (cool from the name down...) takes industrial and make it to-die-for.

Aren't these photos lush? They are all taken by Desiree, the owner of Vosges Paris, and are of her house.

Before you know it, you are thinking in terms of zinc and rubber and white. See, you are, I know it!

She has been blogging for much longer than me, 2 and a half years. It's so interesting to read interior blogs that are as old as this because you can watch a person's style develop and refine.

In the words of Desiree, the blog is 'all about decorating my home, photography, interior design, memories, my love for beaches, the seaside, warm countries, city life, all things French and Italian, the color grey, Nordic white, concrete, rusty items, industrial furniture and a touch of nature. '

I want this sign: sooooo cool!.

Have a look and let me know if you agree...