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When I was a little girl, an old lady I used to visit once a week called Mrs Exeter gave me a pile of old letters and postcards. At the time, I thought it was rather a boring present (yes, I am ashamed I ever thought such a thing...) but now I love them! They're not just any old postcards. They are correspondence from 1930s England between my friend and her godson Gordon.

They've been sitting around stored away and I had all but forgotten about them in the hustle and bustle of every day life. Then last week, they suddenly popped into to my mind and set me a-wondering what I could do with them. It seemed such a shame to just have them stashed away. I wanted them, or at least some of them, to be on display. But how to do it?

I found two picture frames that I really loved. I'd bought them a while ago but hadn't yet used them. Do you buy the frames before you've decided how to use them or buy as you need them?

I find if I buy when I need them then I can't always find what I'm looking for. So, if I see a picture frame I particularly like then I often buy it and look out for how I can use it. I will, of course, have to stop this frame-buying fetish sooner or later, otherwise our house will be filled top-to-botttom with picture frames!

They're slightly distressed off-white wooden frames. One is slightly larger than the other, which I like. Adding interest and all that.

I picked out two letters that I liked the colours of especially (no orange stamps for me!!!).

One has a lovely old red stamp and slightly yellowed paper. Aaaah! So gorgeous. Really and truly vintage.

The other is the envelope from a letter in a gorgeous grey-green-blue colour (as you will know, my favourite ever colour, in its many guises).

Then it was just a matter of popping them in the frames. The envelope did need trimming slightlyto fit, which I feel terribly guilty about. But, I decided it was better to be cut and out, than hidden away in a box, so I got scissor-happy....

And putting them out on our console table in our living room, which was looking a little bare.

I'm so pleased with this project! What do you think? Do you like them?
What would you have done with a box of old letters? Ideas on a postcard!! (hoho)....or, much easier, you can leave a comment below....

Well, it's Friday again, which means a lovely weekend ahead! I hope you have a smashing time, whatever you do, enjoying the last of the summer days.