Kutch is a mystical land.
Intriguing. Exuberant. Enthralling.

...and all I believe is to do with the people who have migrated from Afghanistan, Pakistan, Himalayas, Northern India and Central India.

Each community bearing different names like Jats, Meghwals, Rabaris, Mutwas, Sodhas, Ahirs but bound together by the land.

The land that is dry, arid and harsh. The land that has seen years of drought and earthquakes.

Great admiration surges in my heart when I see the people of Kutch who have overcome these hardships by painting a vibrant colour-scheme on a dull, unyielding landscape. Their palette saturated with colours adorn they homes, their attires, their work and their lives!
May your days be filled with smiles this New Year:-)

Sharing with you few frames from their humble but grand dwellings. The dwellings which are fabulous examples of aesthetics & functionality. They are practical yet beautiful. They are small yet roomy. They are organized yet exuberant.
Chitra kaam on a Bhunga...

inside a Bhunga near Ludiya...

Inside and outside a Bhunga in Gandhi Nu Gaam near Ludiya, Kutch.
painted entrance...

Mutwa community dwelling...

Inside a Mutwa community dwelling in Dhordo, Kutch
Bhunga near Dhordo...

Interiors of another Mutwa Bhunga at Dhordo, Kutch.
lipan kaam...

Sculpted clay 'Lipaan' work on the exterior of the Bhungas.

A Meghwal family in Hodka Village, Kutch.
Bhunga in Hodka...

Inside a Bhunga of Meghwal community. Everything one needs is neatly organized.
painted doors...

Painted doors.

Vibrant patchwork quilts.
Bhunga near Hodka...

Look at all those quilts they have been sewing neatly stacked.

Smiling in spite of all the hardships.
painted doors...

Art in every wall, every corner, everywhere.

...and it warms my heart to see art, embellishments, beauty winning over this harsh land of Kutch.

(Images by Arch)