Our journey to the colourful state of Gujarat began with Ahmedabad. Having read so much about the architecture, the heritage and the people we chose a place which would be a gateway to all these.

The House of MG in short for The House of Mangaldas Giridhardas is a heritage mansion built in 1924 and belonged to the wealthy textile businessman. It has been converted to a beautiful hotel which still retains it's old world charm.

It is located in the Old City of Ahmedabad just walking distance from the 'Teen Darwaza' the oldest gateway of the city established by Sultan Ahmed Shah.
Antique photographic shrine of Sri & Srimati Mangaldas.

The whiff of subtle floral incense sticks along with the stream of winter sunlight welcomed us into this heritage mansion and I at once knew our stay here would be a memorable one.

Floating rose petals spreading their fragrance in the open courtyard.

Geometrical patterned tiles lead us into the heart of the mansion and the past seemed to come alive with the corridor walls forming a canvas of vintage portraits of the Mangaldas family.

Portrait of Champagauri.

On catching the glimpse of the antique swing against the terracotta walls a soft squeal escaped my mouth which triggered a giggle from my daughter.

Managed to photograph this stunning piece of furniture without capturing my reflection and followed the patterned path wondering at what else the mansion was going to unravel.

Wooden staircase leading to the various rooms.

Entrance to one of the fourteen luxurious rooms in the mansion.

The central courtyard with smooth ceramic mosaic work.

Outside our room
The walls are peppered with black & white photographs of the Malgaldas family.

Inside our room.

We had a traditional Gujarati swing in the room!

Loved the lighting idea, it's a yellow tube light fitted on a wooden plank with holes. The effect is that of spotlights!


Tastefully done up corners of the room.

The lobby area has a small idol of Lord Krishna seated on a swing and the oil lamps illuminate the space as the sun sets on the old city of Ahmedabad.

A family portrait of the Mangaldas family then and now...

The air fills up with the heady fragrance of incense inside while there is hauntingly beautiful 'Adhan' call for prayer from the Sidi Saiyed Jali Mosque opposite the House of MG.

This post is probably the longest one on Rang Decor till date and really hope all of you like it as much as I have loved sharing it with all of you:-)

You can see the slideshow of photographs of The House of MG here.

( Images by Arch)