I'm not even sure how to find the words to describe childbirth. The helpless feeling of having to endure wave after wave of the full effects of the almighty force in your body can feel extraordinarily frightening. For a short time, though it seemed like an eternity, I felt like a caged animal as I struggled to manage the hideous levels of pain at the peak of labour, coupled with the exhaustion of staying awake for such a long period. 

But then....
But then......

Our darling daughter Sophie was born
and delivered straight into my outstretched arms.
Warm, wet and adorable.

The memory of it makes me want to cry.


Who could truly ask for any more?

To see her sweetly innocent face, 
newly emerged, 
staring up at us, 
formed out of our love for each other:
my love for her daddy,
and his incredible love for me,
was the best moment of my life.