It's YOU!

And how are you feeling?

This post is to act as a little taster of the awesome giveaway, 
which will be up 
Excited? I should coco.

I LOVE Emma Bridgewater pottery.
The wholesome chunkiness.
The hand-finished pattern.
The reassuring quality.

And how's this for a quote from Emma Bridgewater herself?
Women are under such terrible pressure these days to be sex bombs and great chefs and good gardeners and fabulous parents and do their bit in the boardroom, that sometimes the only thing to do is sit down with a friend and a nice cup of coffee and create an oasis in the day....
Don't you just love that?

Oooh, look at those shapely mugs.
Do you like them? 
Do you want them?

I have a secret for you, my pretties. 
You're in luck!
Boogie on by on Monday. 
I think you'll have a big smile on your face....