Hey there, sweets,

We're having the most wonderful Jubilee weekend.

Yesterday, we went to a street party.
{The Queen said she would have been there 
but was having a slightly busy day.}

Singing 'Rule Brittania', 
waving our Union Jack flags, 
sheltering under pushed-together gazebos from the steady drizzle,
whilst children played,
and grown-ups laughed, 
encapsulates all that I completely adore about being British.

Today, I'm over at the Relics of Witney blog, talking about their year-round Jubilee ethos. If you're yearning for a shop that listens to their customers, gives fantastic and individual advice, stocks a huge array of home-related delights and is an absolute pleasure to lazily browse around then come and have a look.. 

I'll be posting over there on the first of every month.